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Let us dive into the world of technology with Blaine Daws, co-founder of WNTD as the sector continuously evolves.

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Episode: 003 | 24-06-2022

The State of Recruitment

In this episode we speak about the current state of the economy and the recruitment sector too, discussing everything from why businesses should never stop doing BD, what makes a great recruiter, what's going to happen in the next economic downturn, and lots more.

Episode: 001 | 20-05-2022

Where is the IT infrastructure market heading over the next 12 months?

As consumers, we are advised to utilise a vast array of products and services but there are so many varying views across the sector.

Episode: 002 | 03-05-2022

Inside NVIDIA with Jaap Zuiderveld, Vice President EMEA at NVIDIA

In this episode we take a look under the hood of NVIDIA, delving into what it takes to work there, what attributes NVIDIA looks for in team members and how the company is helping the world of pharmaceuticals as well as the planet!